John Chen

John ChenGeoteaming執行長


John Chen 著有Engaging Virtual Meetings及50 Digital Team Building Games(John Wiley & Sons出版),在團隊合作結合科技領域鑽研超過23年,也是首位使用WebEx及線上討論來帶領國際領導計劃。擁有35年以上的線上團隊建立經驗,目前持續提高科技水準以創造更優質的隊建立結果。

John Chen身為Geoteaming的領導者,在虛擬會議領域已鑽研超過35年,John使用 Prodigy主持會議,並能夠同時顧及八個資訊視窗,也曾協助微軟規劃200名線上與會者之國際會議。23年前John創立了Geoteaming,在虛擬會議領域中是公認的權威。本身擁有超過35年的虛擬會議經驗,並且在專研的領域裡也獲得多個獎項,也讓John的客戶獲益良多。超過230,000位的客戶群來自世界各地,包含美國、西班牙、法國及台灣,與John合作後皆有重大的突破。

John Chen is the author of Engaging Virtual Meetings and 50 Digital Team Building Games and has been working with teamwork and technology for over 23 years. Published by John Wiley & Sons. He was one of the first to use WebEx and online discussions for an International Leadership program. He continues to develop technology to create team building results with over 35 years of online team building experience.

Meet the virtual leader of Geoteaming – he’s been virtually meeting for over 35 years, he met on Prodigy, he can manage 8 screens of information at a time, and he has planned an all virtual international conference for 200 for Microsoft.  John started Geoteaming 23 years ago and is a recognized thought leader on engaging virtual meetings. John’s clients learn from his over 35 years of virtual meeting experience.  His work has earned him multiple awards.  More than 230,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results.